Case Study

Collabit Software

Client: Collabit Software, a specialized ERP system focusing on CAFM, FSM, and FM.

Challenge: Low lead generation, poor quality leads, and a marketing budget without a clear direction.

Solution: Developed a new website, sales funnel, lead generation through eBooks, LinkedIn advertising, building the sales director's LinkedIn presence, strong actions on Capterra, building a case study portfolio, and intense SEO efforts.

Results: Generated over 350 qualified leads, established CTA benchmarks, +1000 followers on the sales director's LinkedIn profile, LinkedIn automation, a faster new website, and a tripling in form submission rate.

Collabit Software

Invocall: Call Center

Client: Invocall, a Call Center company facing resource and knowledge constraints for marketing activities.

Challenge: High marketing activity with limited time, resources, and knowledge.

Solution: Helped accelerate the team's work while launching four times more campaigns, producing more content and posts. Implemented an efficient ticketing system.

Results: Increased campaign output fourfold, boosted content production, and greatly improved team efficiency with the new ticketing system.


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Huzaro - Gaming Chairs

Client: Huzaro, a manufacturer of high-quality gaming chairs.

Challenge: Preparing a strategy for international sales with a focus on breaking into the British market.

Solution: Launched multiple campaigns and developed a comprehensive strategy for the UK market. Utilized Facebook campaigns to drive sales and brand awareness.

Results: Achieved over 500 gaming chair sales within the first month of the Facebook campaign. Implemented numerous promotional campaigns resulting in significant increases in key performance indicators (KPIs), such as a 60% increase in website traffic, a 40% improvement in conversion rate, and a 50% growth in social media engagement.

Huzaro Gaming Chairs

Roller Shutter Garage Doors

Client: RSGD, a company specializing in gate installation services.

Challenge: The company lacked an online presence and struggled to generate local leads for their gate installation services.

Solution: We developed a comprehensive digital marketing strategy starting with the creation of a responsive, SEO-optimized website to establish their online presence. We then implemented a local SEO strategy to increase visibility in local search results and launched targeted Google Ads campaigns focusing on high-intent keywords related to gate installation services. Additionally, we set up a Google My Business account to improve local listings and customer reviews.

Results: Within the first three months, RSGD saw a significant increase in local leads, with a 70% increase in website traffic and a 50% increase in inquiries for gate installation services. The Google Ads campaigns delivered a high ROI, with a conversion rate of 10%, effectively generating qualified leads.

RSGD Montaż Bram

Case Study: Sofa Bed Expert

Client: SofaBed Expert, a British company specializing in the sale of sofas and beds, featuring a showroom in the UK.

Challenge: Rising cost-per-click (CTA), issues on Google account, increasing competition, desire to diversify budget across other channels.

Solution: Corrected errors on the Google Ads account, created new campaigns, refined the Google Merchant account, developed a new UX and website for modernization and improved performance, initiated retargeting efforts on Facebook and Instagram.

Results: Sales increase by 40%, marketing budget enhancement while reducing CTA.

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We believe that success starts with a good partner.

As Think Beyond, we became a Salesforce partner at the beginning of our business in 2018. However, our design experience extends far beyond. We worked for Salesforce’s biggest Partners and Customers on the most sophisticated and demanding projects. That’s how we understood we want to build our own company to implement Salesforce principles in our own backyard. We feature sophisticated technological expertise and collaboration standards and we expect the same from our partners.

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We're a team of security professionals and we're here to help. is an IT company in the data protection sector. Huge potential, cool people in the team. We made a new website design for, along with programming and implementation. We believe this will maximize conversion from sales and marketing activities and distinguish them from the competition.

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The Professional Gateway to meeting all of your Business Financial needs.

Our passion is to see your business succeed by providing you with all the financial business tools to do so. From providing one of our expert finance directors to giving expert tax advice, bringing tax efficiency & savings.

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Cardano is a public blockchain and cryptocurrency project. It requires decentralized node servers to validate and secure the blockchain for all participants.

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Fashionable women's jewelry.

We love beautiful and original accessories. That is why we decided to share this love with others and opened the jewelry store. We focus on original designs, high-quality workmanship, a wide selection and low prices. We want to prove that fashionable women's jewelry does not have to be expensive!

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Equipment for your employees in just few clicks.

Scale your company tech fast and cost effective. We can onboard your new joiners providing them all equipment you require, decreasing the number of interactions to absolut minimum using our app - everything in the branded boxes.

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Move better, feel better, live better. Physiotherapy clinic based in Balham.

We are a Physiotherapy clinic based in Balham, specialising in treating back pain, neck & shoulder pain and sports injuries.

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We are proud to support your business by delivering modern, efficient and durable TYTAN machines. All our machines are made in best manufactures of China and finally adjusted and quality checked in our EU plant. The collection of our machines is the result of long lasting experience in sewing business that touches all production sectors beginning from Apparel through upholstery up to Automotive industry.

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Roller Shutter Garage Doors.

Choosing the right garage door can often be a lot more difficult than it seems, and with the large variety of doors available to choose from, you might find yourself needing a bit of extra assistance when making your selection.

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We at Body Sharp Studio Fitness Academy want to know what your personal fitness goals are, be it to reach a certain size, get and maintain a certain weight, work on resistance, flexibility or train to become an athlete, we have the tools to get you there. Book a free assessment with us today and find out how you can release the athlete in you.

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Music Artist.

ENY is an electronic pop singer and songwriter. She was born in Poland but now is based in the UK. She wrote and released her first song called Broken People at the end of 2017 and then in 2018 she released her debut EP, a rich, dark, anthemic five-track electro-pop release called Broken Generation. The opening track wrestles with mortality and morality in a way you don’t hear in pop music. It sounds like Spotify.

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Bartłomiej Stajniak - Graduate of the Opole University of Technology at the Faculty of Physical Education and Physiotherapy. Master of Physical Education. A certified track and field trainer and fitness instructor - strength exercises. Coach of many sports clubs.

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