I hope that as a business owner you are hungry to take your business to a newer and higher level than ever before…

I hope that you’re thinking of fresh ideas on how you are going to achieve your business goals.

At the beginning of every year, so many people hope for big changes in their life, but they are not ready to make bigger decisions to actually achieve that.

If you are not going to make different decisions, you are probably not going to achieve any different results.

If you would like to get more customers, scale up your business, open a new location, or reach a new market by the end of 2020, then we have something great for you!

As you might know already, at Elevation, we are all about elevating other businesses to their next level. We would love to share with you just a couple of ideas you could apply to your business if you really want to see a great change in 2020.

1. Being always in the top of the search…

No matter what industry you are in, google search is always going to be your best friend! It’s obvious that when people are looking for a solution they’re first going to google it. Is your business the solution to some of the problems? Definitely! It means that you have to be on google – giving a solution to your potential customers!

Having a website with some basic information about your business is not enough…

In 2020 the importance of having an incredible website, with possibilities to capture information about who your clients are, is a key.

So how to change your website to score high in the search results?

It’s definitely not an easy task but you can start from:

  • Posting more valuable content on your website (more about that in the next point).
  • Using techniques like “link building”. It means that your website will link to other trustworthy websites and platforms as well as other platforms will link to your website. Through that Google knows that you are a valuable website that is worth pushing to the top of the ladder.
  • Optimisation for great user experience. Start from asking the question “What my clients are looking for when they are coming on my website?” – then design your website in the way where you can share the most important and the most interesting information that your potential clients are looking for. Don’t forget about great graphic design, nice photos and videos!
  • Using Google Ads. Thanks to Google Ads, many businesses without the biggest SEO, still can be on the top of the search. However, that can be quite expensive and the best way to do it is working on both- organic results and paid advertising.

2. Producing valuable content…

One of the biggest, recent changes in Google algorithms is that valuable content on the blogs or videos will always show up on the top of the search. Even more important – Google is going in a direction wherein the snippet can answer any question that users might ask.

More about that: https://www.searchenginejournal.com/google-featured-snippets-update/319553/

What does this mean for your business? 

You need to consider posting more specific content that would answer your client’s questions. This way you won’t only gain more traffic, but it will also help you in establishing the position of an expert in your area. “Content is King” and it will be for a long time… In 2020 go for the content.

What is the best way to start content marketing? 

Ask a question: What are the problems that my potential clients are facing? And then just start to write about it in a few 600-1000 word blog posts, make a video out of it and prepare a couple of posts on your social media platforms! Businesses exist to solve people’s problems and we can actually start doing it through what we are posting!

It’s definitely not easy (like any of these points… ) – it requires your time and creativity but it’s definitely effective!

3. Optimise for chatbots!

Chatbots were already big in 2019, but I notice from my experience that there are still a lot of businesses that have no idea on how to use them in the most effective way.

If you don’t know what is a chatbot, it is basically a bot that communicates with your client through social media or your website.

If you’d used email automation before, you will like chatbots even more! Why? Because their converting rate is much higher than email! Which means that every day you can communicate to your clients about all the news, promotions and specials completely for free.

This will help you to keep your business always fresh and attractive for potential clients.


2020 can be a year of success for you and your company! But it really does depend on the big and small decisions that you are going to make.

What your business really need to grow? From our experience, for a lot of companies, a great marketing strategy was the key to unlock a completely new level of their business. If you would like to take another step in your business and you need some help from specialists who know how to do it – contact us! We specialise in optimising websites to bring more leads to the business, we optimise and manage chatbots to effectively communicate with your current and future clients and we love to produce high-quality content! Just message me!

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Written by 

 Kaleb Skrzypkowski

Co-founder of Elevation Group/ Digital Marketing Specialst

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