Everyone knows that building your business social media presence is harder than ever before.

We often wonder if it’s even worth to post something because we don’t get any likes or new followers anyway… 

The main problem of it is that the organic reach is dramatically decreasing over the years. It means that your posts are not reaching as many people as they used to in the past.

Here on this graph, you can see how organic reach on Facebook is decreasing over the years.

At the beginning of  2020, the average organic reach for a Facebook post amounted to 5.5%. Which means that on average the post on your fan page that has 1000 followers – will be seen by only 50 of them. 

So what should we do about that? Is there any solution to successfully use Facebook and other social media platforms to grow your business? 

Of course, there is! As you might know, Elevation Group is all about Elevating other businesses through Digital Marketing…so we prepared for you 3 practical steps that will help you to continually grow Social! Let’s Go! 

1. Be helpful with your content…

One of the biggest mistakes that many people do while managing their business social media channels is that 80% of the content promoted is about selling their services and only 20% of the whole content focuses on helping your audience.

We need to remember that social media first and foremost is for personal integrations rather than a business platform with all the offers… If the only thing you post is a promotion of your business, then it’s very likely that you will get fewer followers and less engagement with your profile. 

Nobody wants to hear about the promotion you’re offering this month every single day…

I like to build it in the opposite scenario – 80% helpful, highly engaging content, and 20% of promotional content. This causes the audience to engage more likely with every post, but also when the time is to promote our special offers – they also respond much better. 

When I’m building a social media marketing strategy I like to use these 4 components:

  1. Post that will build our brand authority in the market – through sharing valuable information with our audience. 
  2. Posts that will grow our brand – they will show who we are as a company, our people, our vision, our culture.
  3. Posts that will make our current followers engaged over and over again – through knowing your audience’s lifestyle and preferences, as much as being consistent and always fresh.
  4. I like to encourage owners to also post their personal thoughts about business and life. The truth is people buy people and often the owners are the best representatives of their brand. Sharing thoughts about their services from their heart is something very unique and highly valuable!

2. Be specific…

Do you agree that social media became quite noisy?

According to Domo’s Data Never Sleeps 5.0 report, these are the numbers generated every minute of the day:

  • Snapchat users share 527,760 photos

  • 456,000 tweets are sent on Twitter

  • Instagram users post 46,740 photos


  •  There are five new Facebook profiles created every second!

  • More than 300 million photos get uploaded per day!

That’s a lot of data and a lot of posts that are hitting us every day.

That’s why it’s so important that when you are thinking about social media strategy for your business you will stay very focused on your niche, industry and the message that your audience (potential clients) will benefit from the most. 

Focus on information that will get to your perfect audience. 

It doesn’t really matter how many followers your fan page has- but how many potential clients are actually engaging with your content.

You can have 10k followers on Facebook and absolutely 0 engagement to your posts… or you can have 1k and getting comments, opinions and conversations with your client’s. That what you should aim for, and that’s what is going to help you to reach even more people in times of decreased organic reach. 

The best way to stay focused on the content you post is to…  plan your content!
I like to get a big white piece of paper and write down all the problems that my clients are struggling with. Writing down on it the most frequently asked questions or trends in the industry.
It’s important that you will be very specific and helpful, that way, week by week, month by month you will build the audience that really loves listening to you. 

3. Stand out

No matter what industry you are representing- I bet that almost all of your competitors in your city are also using social media to promote their services. Not only that, there are bigger brands that your customers are following with much bigger fan pages and they are getting more attention than you do. 

So what can you do about that?

The answer is: 
Do.    Something.    Different.

Do something that nobody else did in your industry. What is the creative way to promote your services?

Stand out! Do something better! Isn’t it what business is about? Social Media are no different from this rule. 

Are other brands using video marketing? Are they using influencer marketing? Are they doing live videos? Are they part of some kind networking group? Are they doing podcasts? 

Ask these questions, write down a couple of ideas and execute! 

 From my experience, I know that coming out with new ideas and consistently leading your fan page well is a hard, full-time job.

 I know many business owners that struggle to be on the top of the game consistently.

 That’s why we, as Elevation Group, would love to help your business, not only to create a great digital marketing strategy but also to do our best to consistently deliver great results.


I believe that social media is still one of the best ways to build your brand and the way to get the message about your business to reach a worldwide audience. It’s probably more competitive and harder to use than ever before, but it doesn’t mean that we should stop using them to promote our business – even more, we should start doing our best to get as much as we can from this platform, to connect with people and bring the solution that they are looking for! 

Thank you for taking the time to read this article!

If you have any questions about social media in 2020, let us know about that! Just contact me or find me on Linkedin.

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Written by 

 Kaleb Skrzypkowski

Co-founder of Elevation Group/ Digital Marketing Specialst

You can connect with Kaleb on Linkedin