Do you struggle to get new members to your gym, boot camp, group fitness classes or personal training? It’s not an easy job, right? 

Reaching out to people and promoting your business without bigger results can be frustrating…

I don’t know if it will make you feel better but most companies today struggle with the same problem. In fact, according to HubSpot… it’s the number one marketing challenge that most businesses are facing… 

So If you don’t like cold sales, you definitely struggle with it but you want to get new clients, get focused and go through this 3 steps on how to effectively drive sales to your business without cold calling! 

#1 Change your website

For most businesses today their first potential client before any other interaction is going to

land on their website through a google search. 

It’s not your social media account or your office, it is going to be your website.

That’s why it’s so important to stop thinking about your website as just a source of information and start thinking about a place where you can attract, convince, start conversations and sell to your potential clients.

It’s like a host in a nice restaurant where you walk in and he welcomes you with a nice little smile, straight posture, wearing a nice suit, ready to answer your every question.

You know that you can trust him but even more important in this very split second, you know that you are going to have incredible dinner.

     0.05 seconds – that’s how long it takes for your client to form an opinion about your website.

In order to increase lead generation in your business start with web design. Make sure that your website is nice and clean and that it’s relevant to your audience.

Get a photographer, take a couple of nice shots and change old photos, with a professional ones.

Record a video that will explain your client’s how experience at your gym looks like and put it on your website. 

No matter how good is your product many of your potential clients will judge it base on the design of your website. 

The simplest way to finding out if your website is user friendly is to simply ask your clients for their opinion.

You can do it by using different tools like (you can sign up for free) where you can create multiple surveys asking for honest feedback. 

If you have a little bit bigger budget go to It’s incredible tool that will help you optimize your website from a perspective of a user. 

94 % of negative website experience comes from bad web design.

Now, when you fixed your web design implement this 3 quick tips on turning your boring website to the best best sales specialists in your company:

      1. Second-person perspective. – Whenever you write any content for your website – write it from the second-person perspective. It’s much more engaging and interesting. It implements to blogs, main menu, calls to action and basically to every text on your website. Do it the way I am doing it right now– speaking to you. If you made it that far in this article it’s a massive success for me… You see? It works.

     2. Call to action.No one is going to make a “next step” if you will not ask for it.  Make it easy for your visitors to make an action you want. Place call to action buttons in multiple places on your website- not just a home page. It’s going to increase the time that customers spend on your website and definitely is going to increase leads conversion.

       3. Lead magnets- no one is going to give their personal details for free. If you want them to subscribe to your email list, it won’t be very effective if you do it through a banner that pops up to them just after they entered your websites for the first time…

But if at first you will show them who you are, what are you doing, how good are your services, and you will give them some value completely for free…

There is big chance that you will get much more leads just from your website.

There are very creative ways of placing lead magnets on your website in various industries, here are some of them:

you can create a quiz that on the end tell you about your body specifics,

launch a poll,

give away an ebook,

possibility to signup for free trial at you gym. 

81% of consumers have closed a browser or exited a webpage because of a pop-up ad.

If you will implement those simple 3 steps I can guarantee that it will increase the number of conversions from your website.

However, if you will struggle to do it by yourself you can schedule a completely free 30 minutes video call session, where my team and I can help you optimize your website.

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#2 Effective Referral System

Do you know what is the most powerful way of getting new clients without doing any cold-sales activities? Effective referral system.

People are 4 times more likely to buy when referred by a friend.

If your fitness program is effective, I’m sure that some of your customers already brought their friends to your business, but If you don’t have a consistent referral strategy in place I’m pretty sure that there is much more that you can do.

So what can you do about it? Test different strategies and look for the one that works the best. Here are some of them:

 – offer both, your clients and their friends, a massive one month discount. That strategy can be especially helpful in quiet months in your industry. 

– offer your clients a 3% discount for their whole contract for each client that they will bring

– host family/ friend’s event at your gym especially using calendar holiday where you will serve finger food from local restaurants and you will prepare a couple attractions for that type of event. Then email info about this free event to your current clients with info that each of them can invite 2 friends and have a great party at your gym. 

Now you have a pretty good list of potential new customers, with their emails + now you have all of them at your gym so it’s a perfect time to show them your facilities! 


#3 Facebook ads.

Facebook ads can probably bring on of the biggest breakthroughs for your company as they did for so many other companies that we helped.

I know what you might be thinking, “Facebook isn’t that cool anymore- Instagram is!” Well it’s still the biggest social media platform in the world. Facebook has more than  2,375 billion users ! More then that Facebook has amazing options that other platforms don’t, like groups, reviews for businesses, incredible search options and much more.

Almost all social media marketers (96%) consider Facebook advertising the most effective paid option out of all social networks. 

What does  it mean for you and your business? That this is one of the best platforms to use for paid advertising because of very big audience and a lot of specific data about this audience. 

Here are 3 reasons why facebook ads can be extremely effective when it comes to lead generation for your business:

  • Retargeting. As I mentioned in the beginning of this article most customers will hear about you for the first time through google search. Let’s say they went on your website, spend a couple minutes, they liked it, but weren’t completely sure if you are the right gym for them, so they visited 4 other websites from your competition to find out what’s most suitable for them. Using Facebook ads you can now retarget this people, so that the next time they go through their news feed, they will receive amazing offer from you. Now they now your brand, but on top of that they receive amazing offer specially created for them. Don’t you think that they are much more willing to become your customer?  


I will be honest with you… It happened to me that last week I decided to have some McDonald’s for my lunch ordered through Uber Eats.

Guess what kind of add I saw today during the lunch hours? 

Uber Eats understands that if I ordered something once I will do it the second time, so they need to retarget me as customer. The key is the right message delivered at the right time…

Retargeting ads allows you to deliver message to people that already know your brand, but for various reasons didn’t decided to become your customer and that makes them a very powerful tool!

  • Being aggressive and going for your competition. Check your competitors offer. Find out how are you better than them. Is it a better price? Maybe bigger cardio area? Maybe clean and spacious environment? Now create an ad that will specifically focus on this adjectives and target people that already go to different gyms in your city. Cruel but effective… 

  • Lead Gen Ads –  Facebook manager offers us special ads called Lead Generation Ads. I found them very effective, mainly because when users click to fill up the form, Facebook do it automatically for them so they literally don’t need to type anything, just hit “submit” button. Facebook also optimize this campaign for you so it’s delivered to people that are more highly to convert. It’s quite easy to use them! You should definitely try it out! 


Sales today can look very different than it used to in the past. Through Digital Marketing it’s possible to consistently get new clients while you are asleep or just being busy training.
If you want to have a healthy business with a perspective to grow it – you definitely need to have these 3 points in place. Start to work on your website, think about special referral program for your current clients and discover the power of Facebook Ads.

Remember Elevation Group is all about elevating other businesses to their next level. 

So if you would struggle in implementing any of these points simply schedule a free call with me team and me and let’s talk about how you can grow your business.

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Written by 

 Kaleb Skrzypkowski

Co-founder of Elevation Group/ Digital Marketing Specialst

You can connect with Kaleb on Linkedin